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Threlfall's Difference Band

Just as Trio Threlfall are passionate about English traditional songs, the members of Difference Band are all fervent devotees of English traditional music. Their present-day musical identities have been forged out of providing music for ceilidhs and barndances over many years, together with extensive public performance of traditional music in other fields.

ROGER EDWARDS (anglo concertina) first played for dancing when he formed John Bull Band
from within the influential Garstang Morris Dancers (whom he founded and led) in the early seventies.

NEIL GLEDHILL (bass sax) has been a member of Old Swan Band
for the past 24 years. Say no more.

PAUL RUSSELL (melodeon) played for and danced as a member
of Preston Royal Morris Dancers in the eighties.

JANE THRELFALL (mandola) began her love affair with traditional music when in her teens. Even before Trio Threlfall came on the scene, Jane was already a well established performer and part of John Kirkpatrick's highly successful Wassail Tours of 1995/97.

AMANDA THRELFALL (fiddle) classically trained on both piano and violin when she too was still a teenager. She came to traditional music via her sister's influence.

MARGARET THRELFALL (keyboard) comes from a very musical family who provided local dance music spanning a number of generations. However, Margaret's own background is classical piano.

Together, they make the exciting English sound of Threlfall's Difference Band.

Please see the Contacts page for details about booking the band.